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Brigitta Horváth (born in Hungary and lately living in France) is a performer who considers dance a physical and spiritual work. She has practiced yoga since 2001, she has studied contemporary dance and physical theatre, she has participated in the work of various movement-theatre companies' and choreographers', she has worked in a trio, duo and solo in Hungary, in Spain and in France. Butoh, especially the dance and work of Masaki Iwana, inspires my dance and creation for the last 6 years. While attending workshops (Masaki Iwana, Moeno Wakamatsu, Ko Murobushi, Rhizome Lee, Atsushi Takenouchi, Bata Rita, Kea Tonetti, Imre Thormann) and getting to know other dancers' ideas about dance and butoh itself, she is searching her way of expression and creation. She lets the body search the dance by extracting the self out of it. In this process she shares states and places - where her body leads her - by performances and workshops. The inspiration of this workshop also comes from her meditation practice, all the travels and encounters in her life and the natural environment she is living in right now.




Brigitta Horváth considers the body as a physical, mental and spiritual unity – a vehicle to transmit anything by and through it. She works on the development of my (inner and outer) awareness and sensitivity – on the sharpening of attention to be able to go beyond the well-known behavior and dance patterns, the automatic movements of everyday life, and to let the body be transformed by whatever content that emerges. She lets the body search the dance by extracting the self out of it – transcending the personal. She allows the body to be moved by and transformed into anything possible: imagery, landscapes, hidden characters, memories, dreams, elements, processes of nature, etc. She works on the subtle boundary between body and mind which invites the audience to explore unknown territories.

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