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Trajectoire (2015 - 2016)

“Trajectoire” is a collaborative project conceived by Sandolore Sykes that ventures to render visible the imperceptible traces left by our collective and individual displacements. Exploring the trajectories of birds and humans, we draw and dance this un-choreographed geometry.

Dance / Music / Drawing at ZOU ! (2015)

Performance collective and impovisative of dance, music and drawing during the 4th edition of ZOU! on the 18th and 19th April 2015 at the Hameau de la Brousse (Charente/France)


Dance: Brigitta Horváth
Music: Lucie Carelle, Pierre Blavette Fred Lengronne, Florent Poirier
Video, drawing: Sandolore Sykes

noBODY dance project (2013)

The noBODY dance project was formed by three movement artists whose collaboration is based on their common interest in butoh dance.

The lake was performed at the S.U.N Festival (Hungary) and was based on the images of the lake, awaking its energy and atmosphere through movement to open up an abstract world to the audience. The performers experiment with different ways of becoming one physical entity through merged body boundaries, also explore various qualities of connection and separation.

Performers: Ági Gyulavári, Gábor Czap, Brigitta Horváth

Marguerite au cachot (2016 - 2017)

"Marguerite au cachot" is an electroacoustic musical creation of Edgar Nicouleau which can be broadcast on any medium or run live from the control surface and MaxMSP. This work is a study of the complexity of desire and man – woman relationships.

The dancer's body is inspired by the written musical piece played during the performance and enters into conversation with it by using of sensors. 

First presentation: 19th November 2016, Conservatoire Gabriel Fauré de GrandAngoulême.

Sillage et Textes (2017)

“Sillage et Textes” is a collaborative, artistic project between the artist Sandolore Sykes and the dancer Brigitta Horváth.  As if our selves are half written books—as if our bodies are paper being scribbled into construction—this project explores looking at ourselves with our bindings unbound and the text of our lives scattered and abstracted.

Exploring the construction of identity as a kind of writing—that the self is a book, bound and inscribed, both Sykes and Horváth, improvise in paper, ink and movement. The project has two central aspects—visual art and dance. The two artists play off each other, creating installations and performances.

"Sillage et Textes", like other collaborations between these two artists, is an ongoing exploration rather than a finished project.  The first permutation of this project took place during a residency and exhibition at Soëlys, in Soyaux, France.  It consisted of an evolving installation in a gallery, an interactive gallery space for visitors, a collaborative performance in the gallery and a dance/video performance in the theater at Soëlys.

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