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„So it is absolutely necessary for everyone to believe in nothing. But I do not mean voidness. There is something, but that something is something which is always prepared for taking some particular form, and it has some rules, or theory, or truth in its activity.” Shunryu Suzuki about Believing in Nothing


This workshop could be considered as a research into the unknown in order to find the dance already immanent in the body of each of us based on the spirituality of butoh dance.

In exploring dance together, we connect to our bodies to develop awareness and sensitivity and to sharpen our listening abilities. We make our bodies stronger and more flexible with yoga elements and streching. We practice physical training for strength and concentration. We broaden our consciousness to change its quotidian conditioning. We open to new perceptions of time and space. We go beyond the automatic movements of everyday life to instill imagination and poetry into them. We let the body search the dance by extracting the self out of it – transcending the personal. We allow the body to be moved by and transformed into anything possible: imagery, landscapes, hidden characters, memories, dreams, elements, processes of nature, etc. We work on the subtle boundary between body and mind to explore unknown territories. We give time and space for the inner contents to appear, to take shape and to be shown.


Previous experience in dance is not required, only open-minded attitude.


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