Under the piano (2015)

„At the and we are all stardust.”


After the performances C'est l'endroit and Welcoming the body the selfless body continues its journey in the space. This time accompanied by the music of Yoneda Lemma.


What budges?


Music : Yoneda Lemma – Yamantaka's dart

Welcoming the body (2015)

Sky and earth meet in a dreaming body.
Love-affair in somnolence.

Costume: Monica Siv
Music: Michel Titin-Schnaider - London1848 and Echappatoire

Performed at 'Butô dans mon jardin #6'

C'est l'endroit (2014)

Arrival of a selfless body.

No roots but desire. 

Wingless bird.

Where do we go?

Music: Frank Emanuel Heierli

Special thanks to Masaki Iwana / La Maison du Butoh Blanc

Marguerite au cachot (2016 - 2017)

"Marguerite au cachot" is an electroacoustic musical creation of Edgar Nicouleau which can be broadcast on any medium or run live from the control surface and MaxMSP. This work is a study of the complexity of desire and man – woman relationships.

The dancer's body is inspired by the written musical piece played during the performance and enters into conversation with it by using of sensors. 

First presentation: 19th November 2016, Conservatoire Gabriel Fauré de GrandAngoulême.

Distance or proximity (2017)

"Distance or proximity" is a solo dance performance inspired by the text of Florence Toussan « A voice ».


In its strangeness, in its slowness, the body, underlined by the light, carried by the music, becomes abstraction, it offers itself to the images, the reminiscences and at the same time it is there, powerful, urgent, wrought until the release of a hand that suddenly becomes autonomous and alive under the impact of a directed and loving light. Moving, thought close to the skin, the light slips into the gesture, accompanies it. It directs the eye by causing changes of scale which are reinforced by the breaks and the variations of sound composition. 

Dance: Brigitta Horváth

Light: Kornél Szokács

Music: Pierre Martin

The original version was performed in the framework of the exhibition « Proximities – Distances » in Atelier IMIS in 2017.

Pure Form (2018)

Performance at K28 Gallery / Budapest

Dance and music performance at the finissage of the exhibition "Hommage à Fajó" inspired by the exhibited paitings and sculptures.

Dance : Brigitta Horváth
Music : Judit Emese Konopás
Exhibition : Hommage à Fajó

Camera, editing : Kornél Szokács

K28 Gallery / Budapest