​26 - 27th September 2020                 

"Left behind" work in progress presentation

At the Festival ZOU ! in the Hameau de La Brousse (F)

10th and 16th October 2020             

Performance in the exposition "Intimes"

At L'Atelier IMIS, Montignac-sur-Charente (France)


WELCOMING THE BODY / Series of workshops

24th October 2020 at 14h - 19h

7th November 2020 at 14h - 19h

5th December 2020 at 14h - 19h

in the Studio Sablier in Angoulême (France)

WELCOMING THE BODY / One-week long workshop

14 - 18th December 2020 at 10h - 17h

in Studio Juillaguet (France)

(Possible to join only on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.)